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20 December 2011

macro lens rubber band for smartphones

the 'macro cell lens band' by photojojo

a work of intelligently designed low-fi tech, the 'macro cell lens band' by photojojo mounts a convex lens onto an elastic band,
to convert any mobile phone camera into a macro lens. the stretchable band expands to a diameter of up to 16-inches,
capable of sliding onto smartphones and small tablets instantly. it need only be fit directly in front of the phone's camera lens
in order to function, and can be removed and stored when not in use.

the 'macro cell lens band' retails for 15 USD.

full view of the device affixed to an iPhone

the band stretches to up to 16-inches in diameter

the lens converts a mobile phone camera into a macro lens

example of the device in use

view of the magnifying activity of the lens

sample photograph taken with the 'macro cell lens band' and a smartphone

the device can be worn or stored easily when not in use

via slashgear

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