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20 December 2011

yoann jestin + benoît pernet: polichinelle desk

'polichinelle desk' by yoann jestin and benoît pernet

french designers yoann jestin and benoît pernet with furniture company arféo have developed 'polichinelle desk'.
the plywood work surface is fashioned with the multipurpose quality necessary to home office furniture design in mind.
around the edge of the office piece, two thin steel satellite pieces a lectern and a lamp may be repositioned at will.
the compact piece provides a writing surface covered by paper which may be drawn upon and torn off the existing table top.
one end of the desk has a chest with a lid which holds the paper top in place with magnets.

digital and hand drawn rendering of the piece

with the paper table top, the user may write, draw,and tear from their work surface

alternate desk views

detailed view of the satellite pieces

conceptual drawings of the 'polichinelle desk'

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