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3 June 2010

MYo1 and MYo2 Reverse Collection by Michael Young

Hong Kong designer Michael Young has created two collections of watches for brand o.d.m.

Called MY01 and MY02, the first has a round disk covering most of the face so that only the tips of the hands can be seen, while the second is a digital watch with four large buttons in the centre and two screens squeezed in at the edges.

Michael Young appreciates o.d.m.’s expertise in watch making and mutual understanding of the importance of design, would like to collaborate with o.d.m.
When designing this timepiece collection for odm, Michael Young has altered the conventional mindset of how a watch looks like, and the outcome is the extraordinary and innovative new collection.

The position of time panel and buttons are cleverly reversed for a fresh way to read the time, and thus the name of the collection – Reverse.

Users will no doubt appreciate the unusual wittiness of the design. This special collaboration collection has 8 SKUs in total, 4 distinctive colors in each style.

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