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20 December 2011

The Working Proof: Gemma Correll – Have You Hugged Your Cat Today?

New print release! This one is for all of the animal lovers out there. Gemma Correll is well-known for her sweet and humorous illustrations of life and animals.
I guess the idea behind Have You Hugged Your Cat Today? is fairly self-explanatory. I don’t have a cat myself – I have a pug, which is kind of like a cat except that he’s actually a dog – but I find that a hug from a small animal (cat, dog – not so much a rattlesnake or a plague-carrying rat) cures pretty much any ill.
15% of each print sold will be donated to the Pablove Foundation. Read our interview with Gemma here, and buy the print here.

Process: The initial drawing from Gemma’s sketchbook.

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