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20 December 2011

mauro soddu: yaya

'yaya' lamp by mauro soddu
images © raffaele vargiu

italian architect mauro soddu has created a lamp linked to the traditional memory of the old matriarch figure
typical to sardinia, italy. the close relationship between the sardinian woman and the weaving process influenced
his choice of wool as the principal material. the aim of the designer is to evoke the role of the grandmother
which is slowly disappearing in a rapidly modernizing society.

the lamp has a very simple and thin iron structure based on five curved elements. welded backbone to the structure
hides the light source which is composed of nine warm leds. the skirt of the 'yaya' lamp is formed from a wool string,
woven from the bottom rod to the upper one, encircling the metal support system at each passage. the covering mantle
is a pure white woolen cloth, hand-stitched to the iron structure in four points.

illuminated lamp

unlit 'yaya' lamps

one black and one red 'yaya' lamp

'yayas gossip'

basic lamp framework

structure and wool weaving beginning

process image for the skirt construction of 'yaya lamp'

detailed view of the red lamp

detail of the black lamp

elevations and logo

designboom has received this project from our 'DIY submissions' feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication.

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