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14 July 2010

wasara biodegradable paper tableware from japan


wasara products by japanese design studio simplicity (shinichiro ogata) were exhibited as part of designboom's 'asia now' exhibition held at dwell on design in los angeles. 'sometimes we associate asia in general with copies of original designs that were conceived of elsewhere. this is unfortunate and often unwarranted. for the 'asia now' exhibition we were looking for truly unique work that is not too influenced by western styles.'

wasara elevates disposable tableware to a new level. the earth-conscious product is made from tree-free renewable materials: bamboo, reed pulp and sugar cane fiber and is fully biodegradable and compostable. the sturdy and simple designs fit comfortably into one's hand.

the cups have a handle which doubles as a spout


square plates

the plate has a groove to accommodate the hand

detail of the stacked plates

tray with dipping bowl

circular plates



studies in form

wasara tableware in use

wasara tableware collection

wasara tableware packaging

fibres used to make wasara tableware

wasara tableware at the 'asia now' exhibition
image © designboom

the wasara tableware has been shown as part of the japanese sector of designboom's curated
exhibition 'asia now'.

image © designboom

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