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14 July 2010

francois dumas: sealed chair + armchair

'sealed' chair and armchair

'sealed' chair and armchair created by french designer françois dumas consists of
three plastic rods made flexible by heating them in an oven. after having been formed
in wooden templates, the chair parts are connected using a welding technique that
melts the plastic to create a seal. those seals are made by imbricating the templates
together much like a puzzle. depending on the imbrication process of two or three
templates, the outcome of this mould is either a chair or an armchair.

demonstration of production process

'sealed armchair'

the final construction of the chair results from the bending and welding techniques applied.
each part is intended to work in synergy with the others, thus, stabilizing the ensemble.

'sealed chair'

'sealed chair', which was given the grand jury prize award is currently being exhibited
at villa noailles in hyères, france until september 26, 2010 as part of the design parade 05.

'sealed armchair' frame

'sealed chair' frame

'sealed' chair and armchair at villa noailles

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