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5 June 2010

oskar zieta: beta and limited collections

new zieta beta and limited collection

polish designer oskar zieta is known for his production research, constantly working on improving technologies particularly fidu (which means inflating steel just like rubber toys). he tests new forms and their behaviour in different complexities of final objects and single shapes, in order that fidu technology can be used in more applications in the future.

every shape is cut from a steel sheet and can be inflated into a 3D object. this means that the same technology can be applied to any complexity of form. the contours of the metal sheets are cut using a laser, welded together by a robot and then inflated at high pressure to form an ultralight 3D object. inflated steel sheets have a very high weight-capacity, so the forms which zieta creates are funny looking, innovative in their construcion technology.

his new collection for 2010 includes some of his 'classic' fidu 'plopp family' stools, 'chippensteel 0.5' chairs and unterdruck benches in new colors, as well as new wall-mounted storage and lighting options.

'osiem' lamp is shaped in a way which helps it bend easily to form into a 3D, produced as a construction for a light bulb.

'osiem', detail of bent arm

'plopp up' is a development of the original plopp stool. now you can add an additional function to your stool
and make a table out of it. table top made of ash wood.

'plopp up' table top, detail

'pin' is a universal hanger which comes in different colors and sizes to form various 'patterns' on the walls.
they have been welded and inflated in a way that allows small concavities on the surface that brings life to simple dots.


'kamm' is welded and inflated very carefully under high pressure to create unique bulges and waves. it acts as a coat hanger.


'drab' is a muliplication of a 90 degree shaped 'H' letter inflated in fidu, designed as a bedroom hanger for dressing gowns and towels.

'multipunkt' is a board for putting notes and memeories

'rondel' is a flexible holder for fruit, candies and other things. processed and finished very carefully and precisely
to create an accurate ring form in fidu.

'chippensteel 0.5' chair available in an open series of new colors

'plopp family' is constructed from two ultra-thin steel sheets welded together around their edges and inflated under
high pressure resulting in a 3D object

oskar zieta's work was recently showcased as part of the 'young creative poland' exhibition located at the triennale di milan, during milan design week 2010. the show was curated by miska miller-lovegrove and presented the work of the young, emerging design scene in poland

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