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21 April 2010

Sander Mulder - Continue Time Clock

As you probably know from my Horo jewelry line, I'm a sucker for the mechanical parts of machines (clocks, especially). Though these parts are usually hidden, the shapes are so beautiful, and I find that the way that the parts all work together to create the machine is often more amazing than the machine itself.

Sander Mulder's Continue Time clock pairs the clock down to its most necessary parts - the mechanical gears, and the clock hands. The Continue Time clock was inspired by an accident - their office clock fell off the wall, causing the acrylic cover and the minute and second hands to come off. Sander Mulder was intrigued by the random patterns that the remaining hour pointer created, and the concept for the Continue Time was born.
On this Continue Time clock, two out of the three pointers rotate around another pointer, instead of the central point on the clock face, as with traditional clocks. The resulting kinetic artwork, and fully functional clock, is continuously changing its shape during a full rotation of twelve hours.
The clock was made in a limited edition of 40 pieces + 1 artist proof. Check out the video of the making of the clock below.

Continue Time - kinetic artwork / functional clock from Sander Mulder on Vimeo.

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