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21 October 2009

Sasaki Kogei wooden toys

Sasaki Kogei was recently awarded the Gift Show 2009 Eco Company of the Year award. Their commitment to sustainability is quite impressive. Their all-natural paints and oils, as well as their recycling/reusing efforts are one thing. But the fact that they have maintained an active tree-planting program over the last several years sets them apart from other eco companies. And their products are gorgeous. I love this wood-worker set, which I featured 2 years ago in my gift guide from Japan. A recent favorite is this wooden measuring stick that helps you track the growth of your toddler. But uuum, …how shall I put this? Only in Japan could a company like this get away with actively promoting smith and Wesson toy guns and gorgeously crafted cigarette holders. That’s Japan for you.

sasaki kogei woodworker kit

sasaki kogei growth tracker
sasaki kogei smith n wesson
sasaki kogei cigarette container

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