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11 May 2012

Studio Kluif’s Art & Fun


3 things I like about the Hema art-supplies packaging (above) designed this year by Studio Kluif, below.

BlueBallPointPens 1.
In each case, the product contained within was used to illustrate the outside. (Their 2002 ballpoint pen carton, on right, also does this.)
An obvious idea, perhaps, but seldom attempted and seldom done with
such aplomb. Using the product, itself, to communicate its own use, is
a good, ethical move. Like putting your money where your mouth is. So
to speak.
2. And speaking of mouths, the two boxes above are another example of the “open mouth” packaging window trend, although in this case, we’re not talking food packaging.
3. Multicolored products naturally lend themselves to rainbow arrays. There something about colors, organized according to spectral order, that appeals to both sides of the brain. I think.
(See also: The Dieline’s earlier Studio Spotlight: Studio Kluif)

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