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22 May 2012

Pete KL – Modular Memoro

Designer Pete KL launched a collection of Modular Memoro blocks at the Pratt booth at ICFF this weekend. The students were challenged in a collaboration between Pratt and Herman Miller to create objects that promote physical and mental well-being.
The Modular Memoro blocks encourage active engagement with one’s cherished memories, and allow for countless configurations of tablescapes to create a stage for the stories of the objects you collect and treasure.

In addition to the standard collection of Modular Memoro blocks, Pete collaborated with friends and designers to come up with an Artist’s Series of Memoro blocks, including a solid ebony block decorated with gold leaf by Lucia Oceguera (above), and a collaboration between two artists, MP Landis and Les Seifer (below), which includes a piece of art that was folded and mailed between the two artists until one of them declared it finished.

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