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5 January 2012

Thomas Doyle – Surface to Air

Unfortunately, the Surface to Air exhibition by Thomas Doyle at LeBasse Projects has already come down, but the work is pretty awesome, so I thought it was worth featuring it here anyway. Thomas Doyle creates miniature models that explore the intersection between destruction and domestic life. To give you a sense of the scale of the models, each figure measures only a few millimeters high.
In “Surface to Air,” houses hover safely above their ruined and burnt foundations while soldiers huddle below. A family goes about its business inside a home that has been cleaved in two. A subterranean house juts from the earth, as a family trudges through an ash-strewn landscape above. Reflective of the apprehension endemic to our times, Doyle’s works also communicate a timeless longing for the stability of home, hearth, and family.

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