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7 November 2011

jeremy murier & daniel martinez tiñena: the volcanic casing

'the volcanic casing'  by jeremy murier and daniel martinez of nuclistudio

'the volcanic casing', by parisian designers jeremy murier and daniel martinez of nuclistudio, is a durable, fully recyclable,
cord-free heating system. the object can transport and maintain heat from a fire without being aflame. the user should
remove the oak sheath, place the lava wand in a fire and leave in the flame for the time indication engraving,
replace the oak cover and use. the sustainable piece is a streamlined design consisting of two materials in a fairly raw form--
lava stone and oak. the volcanic rock in the work has the capacity to store heat while the wood is a durable
and abundant resource to encase the warm stone inside. the production of the piece is not only financially feasible,
but environmentally kind in both the assembly and use of 'the volcanic casing'.
the piece is one of the twelve selected finalists in the international competition prix émile hermès 2011.

heating of the lava stone in the embers

detail of the engraving for time of heat submersion

enclose the warm lava stone in the oak case in order to enjoy the heat

detailed view

process of use of 'the volcanic casing'

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