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15 June 2011

El Mil del Poaig Olive Oil

El Poaig has some beautifully packaged olive oil. The bottle designs for their El Mil del Poaig and El Verd del Poaig oils were created by the Spanish studio Culdesac. El Mil del Poaig features an artisanal wooden crate and a white porcelain bottle, while El Verd del Poaig is packaged in layers of cardboard.
El Mil del Poaig comes from 437 millenarian olive trees located in El Maestrat on the eastern coast of Spain. It is described by the makers as having “notes of freshly-cut grass, citrus, orange blossom and almonds.” I usually get my olive oil from Trader Joe’s, so I’d be curious to know what fancy olive oil actually tastes like.

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