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4 May 2011

nendo: visible structures at the high museum of art

'visible structures' by nendo
images courtesy of nendo and masayuki hayashi

tokyo-based design collective nendo will create 'visible structures', an installation of more than
twelve pieces of furniture, including benches, stools, chairs, tables and bookcases.
made from foam core that is reinforced with industrial strength carbon tape, the pieces feature
graphic patterns that are influenced by the early abstract paintings of dutch artist piet mondrian
and the de stijl movement. 

nendo states,
'the primitive design of the chair responds gently to fabrication and distribution costs and
environmental concerns, the kinds of issues that face our 21st-century selves.'


the series will be presented in an installation entitled 'modern by design' alongside dutch designer
joris laarman's 'digital matter' at the high museum of art in atlanta. on show from june 4th to august 21st,
the exhibition will also feature approximately 23 works from the museum's growing collection of
contemporary design that showcases late twentieth and early twenty-first century design.

(left) front of dining chair
(right) side of dining chair

(left) back
(right) detail

detail of carbon tape


detail of pattern on armchair


foam core stool before carbon tape is applied

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