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4 May 2011

en&is: megaphone

'megaphone' by en&is

images courtesy of en&is

'megaphone', a passive amplifier by italian studio en&is, is a speaker-like system which reverts to traditional methods of sound distribution. a ceramic form, simple and organic in shape, is gently contoured and designed to amplify and optimize sound output. a thin wooden frame props the body off of the table, increasing the vibration of the object and maximizing the emission of sound. designed for use with the iPad and iPhone, the amplifier - which was recently presented at salone satellite during milan design week 2011 - allows users to play their music aloud in a way not dissimilar from that of a gramophone.

side view

3/4 view

front view

with iPhone

designer isabella lovero,  half of en&is with the megaphone

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