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23 March 2011

Nat Geo - Flashback Archives

From the National Geographic Flashback Archives:

An ancient Roman bridge spanned the Wadi al Murr near Mosul, Iraq, in the 1920s. Credited to German archaeologist Max von Oppenheim, this image never ran in the Geographic—nor did his manuscript for a story about his work at Tell Halaf, Syria, found with it in the photographic file. Von Oppenheim discovered the site (which dates from the sixth millennium B.C.) in 1899 and conducted excavations there over the next three decades. He shipped several treasures from the dig home to Berlin for exhibition in his personal museum, but many were destroyed in an Allied bombing raid in 1943. Objects salvaged from the rubble have recently been restored and are scheduled to go on display next year.

—Margaret G. Zackowitz

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