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30 March 2011

Holographic Nail Polish

"absolute nail polish freak," on lacquerized, "Since I've been showing you some subtle holos lately, I decided to show you this blingtastic one: Nfu Oh's number 65 [above]. Nfu Oh holographic nail polishes are really something else, I have yet to find a holo that's louder, bolder and more in your face than the ones by Nfu Oh. Even though I prefer my holos to be more scattered, subtle, I do love this extravagancy every now and then."

"When I wear this, there's no way I can stop looking at it. And apparently, I'm not the only one: on my way to work this guy stopped me to look at my nails haha! 65 is a light blue dense holo, with a powdery finish. Application is a bit weird, very smooth but also very patchy, it took me 3 coats to cover up any bald spots. These holos are still quite holo in regular lighting, how cool is that!?"


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