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25 February 2011

Ron Gilad’s Spaces Etc./An Exercise in Utility

birth of a chair’ by ron gilad
enameled sterling silver
all images courtesy wright20
birth of a chair’ by ron gilad201_1204_11
Meant to post this last week when we received an invite for Ron Gilad first solo exhibit, also known for his design studio: DesignFenzider at Wright in Chicago (Wright is the premier auction house specializing in modern and contemporary design). Spaces Etc./An Exercise in Utility encompasses (I believe 40) objects that question our relationship with the architectural environments that define our immediate surroundings. The pieces above really made me smile, especially the chairs, the pieces below that are objects/spaces that we’ve all doodled in our sketchbooks and thought about, or used to emphasize a space without drawing all the lines. This is why I like a lot of Ron’s work. It’s great to see all these minimal amounts of lines that create spaces and objects and you can still decide if it is about the space inside or outside of the lines or even both, that creates the object or triggers the usage that we understand when we see this object. (An Excersize in Utility)
coffee table

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