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25 February 2011

+ Robert Longo – Charcoal Drawings & more

We found these amazing charcoal drawings by Robert Longo (currently residing in Brooklyn, NY with his family) via Bauldoff a great blog by designer Joe Bauldoff. These drawings are truely amazing and would love to see them in real life sometime. A bunch of them are large format (see below some more drawings as well as an overview of some of his exhibits).
Here is information on 2 current exhibits of Longo’s work.
I have also added some older work by Rober Longo, like the “Black Flag: The Ballot or the Bullet” (1991) and the Wax “When Heaven and Hell Change Places” (1992).

19605.jpeg1961325719.jpegBlackFlag_TheBallotOrTheBullet_detail_91BlackFlag_90WhenHeavenandHellChangePlaces_92When Heaven and Hell Change Places (1992) – Wax

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