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21 January 2011

Trick by Sakura Adachi

I love this multi-purpose bookcase which, by removing the two chairs at each end, doubles as a table. Although I would find the most use for it somewhere in the middle; housing books while also functioning as a table and chairs.

trick1 425x303 Trick by Sakura Adachi
It was designed by Milan-based Japanese designer Sakura Adachi and was shown during Milan Design Week 2010. It was designed for Italian furniture company Campeggi, whom Adachi has worked with on more than one occasion.
The “Trick” bookcase is a continuation of Adachi’s work in exploring creative and unconventional book shelving, such as “Cave,”  which was inspired by her fascination with pigeons and their ability to create their own nooks in virtually any space.
cave sakura adachi 425x240 Trick by Sakura Adachi
via swissmiss and shoeboxdwelling

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