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19 January 2011

RMIT Industrial Design Graduate Exhibition 2010

Hello dear readers. Just got back some work motivations after the long holiday. I FINALLY GRADUATED from uni. The holiday felt so good after a grueling three years of industrial design at RMIT University. Just before the graduation ceremony, I became one the student who is involved in the final year exhibition which is called the "Final Assembly", RMIT Industrial Design Graduate Exhibition. It was held 10-12 December 2010 at ,an Australian style cafe and art gallery, "1000 £ Bend". There are 52 students who have worked their asses for the projects. And I'm glad to tell you that all of them are Awesome!

Below are some of many works exhibited:

Birichino by Mitchell Rose
Birichino Chair was designed from serendipitous inspiration, a pleated curtain detail Mitchell spotted while walking home. He imagined this curtain folding and becoming a cone in three dimensional space. The curtain pleating also reminding him of Il Carnavale, an Italian festival learn during Italian classes in secondary school.

This is one of the chair that everyone was waiting for because the fabrication process took a little bit longer than others. The waiting was worth it. For me, it is one of the most beautiful furniture piece on the exhibition. the form and repetition that creates sense of movement, the color, and the fabric's texture.

Hi-stool by Patrick O'Connell
Hi-stool was emerged when Patrick was observing the usage of a stool in his shared house. He found out that the stool pop up in the most bizarre places and circumstances. This stool was used not only for seating but also used as a step ladder to reach a high place and for hanging clothes. Patrick combined these ideas to create a form that gives the common object a higher understood value to the observer.
So it's Hi-stool...
a stool,
a step ladder,
and a clothes hanger.

I'll buy one as soon you sell it on the market, Pat...

Sworm by Tsz Man Chan
Sworm is a stool that forms volume through lines. The design process was developed under the inspiration of the behaviour laws of a bird swarming. It is made out of carbon fiber mixed with resin. I know that it looks fragile but it really strong while it is very light, believe me, I sat on it. If you still don't believe it, probably this photo will change your mind:

Hod Chair by Ellen Tanoemarga
Her design was derived from a circle with only a single cut and a single fold. It still holds the integrity of a circle as well as being aesthetic and functional. The chair is constructed from sewn pieces of saddle leather, reinforced with metal structure.

Congratulation for all graduate for doing such a great jobs! Especially for those who the won awards. Have a nice day mate!


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