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21 January 2011

New work by Terashima Design

The Sapporo-based graphic design squad known as Terashima Design, fronted by art director Masayuki Terashima, is perhaps the most well-known practice in all of Hokkaido. They have given various local mom-and-pops a face-lift with their clean yet visually unpredictable style; and boy do the new faces look good.

Terashima2 420x420 New work by Terashima Design
New branding campaign for North Farm Stock
Terashima3 296x420 New work by Terashima Design
New logo design and poster for Farmer’s Herb
The studio, for a brief moment, turned inward to give their website a much-needed renewal. The new site, which looks amazing and is loaded with a slew of new work, went live around the end of 2010.

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