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15 October 2010

Grand Crus Cup Parade by Dottings

Grand Crus Cup Parade by Dottings
Vienna Design Week: Vienna designers Dottings presented a series of coffee cups made of recycled aluminium coffee capsules for coffee brand Nespresso in Vienna last week.
Grand Crus Cup Parade by Dottings
Called Grand Crus Cup Parade, the pieces are each made of recycled aluminium and styled to resemble Nespresso’s range of capsules in sixteen colours.
Grand Crus Cup Parade by Dottings
The designers propose a system where customers return their used capsules for recycling in order to collect points, which they can exchange for the set.
Grand Crus Cup Parade by Dottings
The design was one of three winning entires in a competition entitled SUSTAIN.ABILITY.DESIGN, sponsored by Vienna Design Week organisers Neigungsgruppe Design and Nespresso Austria.

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Here’s some more information from the designers:

dottings was invited to present their idea concerning the theme Nespresso & Sustainability for a Vienna Design Week Exhibition.
What was developed is a Vision – from the used Nespresso capsule to a designed Recyclingproduct.

“Grand Crus Cup Parade” is produced from 100% recycled Aluminium Capsules that Nespresso followers return to Recycling Stations. For returning capsules they collect “Eco-Points” – the only currency to buy “Grand Crus Cup Parade” with.
Grand Crus Cup Parade by Dottings
Recycling Aluminium requires just 10% of the energy compared to extraction of new aluminium.

The shape of “Grand Crus Cup Parade” is dedicated to the capsule. In Small, Medium & Large Size, in 16 Nespresso Blend Colours, the cups define perfect size of each coffee. It´s a klind of “guidance system” for Nespresso Coffees Selection.

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