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1 October 2010

apong seafood grill by Sciencewerk

  • apong is a traditional seafood grill restaurant indigenously from makassar(a major fishing center town in sulawesi) with abundant selection of cooking style originated from indochina and indonesian culture itself.  the idea of the overall brand direction is a fuse between indochinese and makassar culture in contemporary / modern approach.  the circular shape with the illustration seafood  pattern portrays an excitement, abundance, was inspired by the zen circle in chinese culture;  in forthright idea to show sea creatures gathered in an plate showing bountifulness. the identity is combined by a strong typographic composition to make the brand stands out among the other seafood grill restaurants.
  • = Logo
  • = Pattern
  • = Collaterals
  • = Collaterals
  • = Market Style Take Away Fish Wrap
  • = Interior
  • = Bar Section
  • = Outdoor

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