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23 September 2010

Moss Ring by cometman and kokeya

mossring  425x283 Moss Ring by cometman and kokeya
What do you get when you pair a jewelry designer with a bonsai designer? Well, you quite obviously get bonsai jewelry. And when that pair happen to be cometman (jewelry) and kokeya (bonsai), you get really awesome jewelry.
mossring 1 318x318 Moss Ring by cometman and kokeya
The moss ring was created exclusively for online retailer Lade Store and costs 6,800 yen. And good news! They ship overseas (this is actually one of my first encounters with Japanese stores that cater to overseas customers).
mossring 2 318x318 Moss Ring by cometman and kokeya
Much emphasis was placed on the selection of materials. The ring was carved from a single piece of bubinga wood, hailing from the tropical regions of Africa and commonly found in, among other things, harps, archery bows and Lexus luxury vehicles. The plant is actually a special type of moss known as Leucobryum something or other. It is known for its resilience to dryness and for its deep color, which is why it is often found in the lush Japanese gardens of Kyoto.
mossring 3 318x318 Moss Ring by cometman and kokeya

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  1. This Designer Rings are made by Cometman x Kokeya in Japan. It is a real moss,not fake. This is "Real Moss Ring". So you have to give some water for your moss ring everyday. You can grow up your moss ring with love like a pet.


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