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26 August 2010

Furoshiki Bag 2

furoshiki bag 2 2 227x318 Furoshiki Bag 2
Japanese product design label +d will release Furoshiki Bag 2 (press release – pdf) on August 18th, 2010. Designer Chie Kanayama, of Genta Design, improved upon her original Furoshiki Bag by reworking the design and adding pockets.
furoshiki bag 2 3 425x295 Furoshiki Bag 2
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The furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that was developed over 1000 years ago to carry clothing and gifts. Given their ancient history, people typically imagine them being carried around on the back of an old obachan (grandma). Kanayama hopes to breathe new life into the versatile carrying bag by catapulting it into the realm of fashion once again.
furoshiki bag 2 405x318 Furoshiki Bag 2
They will be sold in 3 sizes, Shoulder (L), Hand (M) and Lunch (S) and retail for 1,500 yen – 3,100 yen

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