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10 June 2010

Crate Furniture

crate furniture bowl 425x247 Crate Furniture
I recently discovered Crate Furniture, purveyors of beautiful wooden things, based out of Kagoshima, Japan. I would love to eat out of those wooden bowls. From the picture I can’t figure out how they were made, but those wooden vases are fantastic too.
crate furniture vases 425x284 Crate Furniture
crate furniture plate and spoon 424x318 Crate Furniture
It just so happens that some of their pieces are on display at Heath Ceramics (in LA) in conjunction with a show featuring products from Playmountain, a design shop in Tokyo. The show began on June 5th and runs through the entire summer (September 5th).If you are in the area you should definitely check it out!
crate furniture at heath 376x318 Crate Furniture

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