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29 May 2010

rubiks mirror blocks puzzle bumps out of the cube

Ready for a challenging puzzle? Check out this new variant on the classic Rubik’s Cube which isn’t comfortable just being perfectly square.
The new Rubik’s Mirror Blocks puzzle makes things a bit more complicated than the original by making each and every one of its blocks a slightly different size.
And instead of pretty colors, each one is covered with a mirrored surface, making it just that much more difficult to figure out.
I managed to find a video clip showing the unboxing of the new cube here:
The puzzle is slated for release in Japan in the next couple of weeks for ¥2079 (appx $20 USD), but I haven’t been able to find out anything about a North American release. Perhaps if you’re persuasive, you can convince the puzzle’s designer, Hidetoshi Takeji to ship you one. He was recently sighted on the TwistyPuzzles forums offering to ship them internationally.

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