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30 May 2010

a door within a door

a door within a door.
a small door leading into a big world...

'minjjoo' door

german studio jjoo design (johannes marmon and johannes müller) has developed
'minjjoo' children's door which was realized in collaboration with door manufacturer holitsch.
it is a standard interior door, with a small door integrated. via the smaller inset door,
children are given a 'grown-up' feeling, accessing their own room and personal world at their
own level. finished with a white chalk-board coating, the door's surface can be painted
or drawn on with chalk or water soluble markers which can easily be wiped off.

'minjjoo' door

'minjjoo' door

back in 2005, designboom hosted the 'a door to paradise' competition in which similar concepts
were presented, with idea of building a smaller door within a larger one for children or animals.
it's interesting to see how related ideas are interpreted in different parts of the globe.

here's a look at some of the entries which had similar intentions:

'kids door' by nina tolstrup

'kids door' by nina tolstrup from the UK

this 'two in one' door not only fuctions as a normal door, but has a smaller door cut into it.
kids love things that are their size. the 'kids door' can be plain or customized as say,
a robot or elephant for example.

'kids door' by nina tolstrup

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