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14 April 2010

Hexagonal Bliss

The hexagon is truly a powerful shape. Sure, triangle and circle may get all the press while hexagon sits in the back but its moment is coming to fruition. It’s a beautiful, symmetric shape; a balance between geometry and utility. It can be used in a number of designs that call upon the bridging of the two. Take the Hexis, a sleek silicone coaster with an inverse edge turned back on itself, providing the perfect resting spot for utensils. It’s minimal, stark, and modest but eye catching somehow. Love it.
Colours available are white and charcoal grey in a matte finish. Dimensions: 14.4 cm x 12.5 cm x 0.5 cm
Designer: Kitmen Keung
Hexis Table Coasters by Kitmen Keung

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