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8 April 2010

Glueline by Oscar Diaz

London designer Oscar Diaz will present a shopping bag made from canvas straps in Milan next week.

Called Glueline, the bag is bonded together with rubber at the points where the straps meet.

The handle of the bag is also coated in rubber to improve the grip.

The bag has been designed for Foodmarketo, a collaboration between Apartamento magazine and Designmarketo for Milan 2010.

The rubber works as both, the bonding and decorative element, holding the strap together and emphasizing the connecting areas. Each bag is handcrafted and built as a wireframe. The handle is also coated with rubber to improve the grip. The store and cooking workshops will be taking place at Kaleidoskope Project Space.


  1. Hi DesignTerritory - thanks for the links to FoodMarketo, Apartamento and DesignMarketo

  2. thanks for commenting mate! visit us often ;)


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