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10 April 2010

Container mall by LOT-EK - looks dangerous

Container mall by LOT-EK

This Container Mall proposed by LOT-EK back in 2003 was designed to take advantage of the inherent intelligence of standardized shipping containers to configure vertical malls that could be erected in left over empty lots throughout the city. Each container module serves as an indoor booth in the fashion of an urban market.

The location shown is a sliver of street front real-estate on 5th Avenue at 42nd Street. In this scheme, the containers are placed in an undulating manner, animating the facade. A system of catwalks, stairs, and elevators is wedged between the container stack and the wall of the adjacent building to make up the circulation and a series of outdoor public spaces. Containers are taken out at different locations, allowing the exchange of air, light, and street views.

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