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15 April 2010

ceraMIX by Thanos Zakopoulos and Katia Meneghini

As someone who spent countless hours watching and learning from a mother who did porcelain, I can vouch for the hard work, careful handling and extensive research behind any ceramic piece. CTRLZAK brings this long tradition of ceramic objects to Milan for a showdown of East meets West. A unique collection showing the physical cross-fertilisation of European and Chinese porcelain production. In a one of a kind collection, Milan is the platform where CTRLZAK shows both aesthetics (Eastern and Western) as they come together to form a hybrid yet compelling narrative in porcelain form.

Based out of Milan and Greece, CTRLZAK's research and hard work is launched in two collections, CeramiX Art Collection & CeramiX Design Collection. The Design Collection is comprised of a plate, a bowl, and a cup (picture below) showing contemporary forms whereas the CeramiX Art Collection focuses on the remixes of two old traditions providing a discourse of history, production and their respective visual cultures.

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