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25 January 2010

linea rouge

design by : sono mocci from italy
pitcher with hot water

 designer's own words:
In about 1654 Ferdinando II de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, made sealed tubes part filled with alcohol, with a bulb and stem, the first modern-style thermometer, depending on the expansion of a liquid, and independent of air pressure. There was an origin of alcohol termometer.In this age,The manufacture technique of this thermometer was the favor of craftmanship,it means the great glass blower. It,s simple and very pure that the appearance of red liquid goes up and down the height according to change of temperature. The project is respect for this early science. It focuss on the analog method and exchange to value product with new direction. The alcohol thermometer fuse into the handle of glassware, water pitcher teapot etc.. The length of rouge will change by temperature of the liquid in the glassware. example after we pour boiling water into the teapot,we can understand when you should drink the tea from level of the rouge line... There is not any scale gauge on the handle. But we can guess temperature from parcentage of rouge line in the toatal length. I think this is not the tool to measure temperature correctly, It,s a tool for getting to know a loose movement and opportunity in our life. Like once ancient people got to know the present time from height of the sun

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