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3 January 2010

Leaf House by Undercurrent Architects

London studio Undercurrent Architects have completed a pavilion in Sydney, Australia, with a roof that resembles fallen leaves.

Called Leaf House, the project is located in the grounds of a private residence.
dzn_Leaf House by Undercurrent Architects 06
Overlapping plates form the roof, supported by a twisting tubular steel structure that resembles branches.

The resulting space is enclosed by moulded glass panels.

An enclosed space in the sandstone base below the pavilion offers greater privacy.

Photographs are by Hugh Rutherford.

Here’s some text from Undercurrent Architects:

Leaf House is a pavilion for a private residence in the north of Sydney, sited in a dramatic coastal setting.

The building engages it surroundings and forms part of the landscape: its roof blending into the vegetation; its base shaping the terrain.

The design is characterised by oversailing roof shells that resemble fallen leaves, held loosely together by a structure of twisted steel beams that bring dynamic forces inside.

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