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6 December 2009

More by Petter Thorne and Anders Johnsson

Image Courtesy of Petter Thörne

Petter Thörne and Anders Johnsson both Swedish in their origin are what we could call ‘good designers but equally good entrepreneurs’. Having only graduated from Konstfack, Stochkholm this Spring, the design duo have managed to make their work known in the world of design firstly through their university final project ‘the mold chair’ which received wide media coverage but also through other projects of equal interest such as the Muutos 2009 award-winning ‘KEEP’ dining table.
The distinction of the designers’ work in their previous conceptions has been that besides the innovation and simple lines, the pieces of furniture created were made of waste materials and discarded wood from past furniture production. This not only allows the market to carry well designed but also environment friendly products.

Image Courtesy of Petter Thörne

The latest design creation of Petter Thörne and Anders Johnsson involves pieces of furniture made of wood of which parts are cracked and replaced by pieces of transparent PVC. This technique creates the illusion that the furniture floats in the air. The name given to the collection derives from the attempt of the designers to highlight the natural human urge for more and more. The human appetite for innovation and beauty does not only stop in plain wooden furniture- Rather the ones that float in the air are way more exciting. Less is often more –sometimes though more provides us with more excitement.

Image Courtesy of Petter Thörne

It is indeed a very interesting design technique, which the designers are planning to adopt for a whole series of home furniture for the Swedish and not only markets. It worth mentioning here that besides the smart design technique described previously, the furniture carry all the typical characteristics such as minimalism, functionality and style, which characterize the Scandinavian design.

Petter Thörne and Anders Johnsson from Konstfack in Stockholm designed this award winning contribution from waste material and discarded wood from furniture production. The environment friendly concept along with the simple line was appreciated by the judging pane.

Image Courtesy of Petter Thörne

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