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1 May 2009

karim rashid: 'kairo' for riva 1920

'kairo' by karim rashid for riva 1920
all images courtesy karim rashid

karim rashid's newest project 'kairo' chair that he designed
for italian company riva 1920. his chair will be on display during milan design week 09.

'when I first sketched the kairo chair for riva 1920 I was firstly inspired by the
manufacturing process,
to cut out of a solid trunk of a tree a one piece object with
as little material removed as possible.
the arched simple cuts from the chair were
inspired a recent trip to egypt where I saw the eye shapes
everywhere from ancient
double curved stools and chairs to hand carved vessels to the basic lines found

in the hieroglyphics.'
- karim rashid

the seat section being hollowed out

'kairo' complete


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