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19 April 2009

Proust miniature in ceramic by alessandro mendini

the 'proust' limited edition miniature in hand-painted ceramic ware by alessandro mendini,
and produced by superego will be presented during milan furniture fair 09.

'proust' armchair, planned in 1976 and produced in 1978

pattern of 'proust', alessandro mendini created a new interpretation of the pointillism style,
a technique of painting in which a lot of tiny dots are combined to form a picture

the production of 'proust' armchairs with hand-carved and hand-painted wooden frame,
is upholstered with fixed multicolor fabric matching the colours of the structure.
the first armchair of this series was completely hand painted by alessandro mendini in 1978.

another 'proust' made in 1996

another 'proust' made in 2001

the colored dots are not only intended for visual attraction, they also represent little
fragments of memory. the dots are creating a uniform image and visualize the
supernatural sense of time and space.

laminate 'proust' for abet laminati, 1991 and 'proust' watch for swatch, 1992

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