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7 February 2009

starck's bike

What will happen when Philipe Starck, a genius who has done designs of toothbrush, bed, ash-trays, lamps, door handles, cutlery, candlesticks, kettles, knives, vases, clocks, finally designing a full motorbike?
Yes, i'd say a 'sexy' after i saw it, Philipe starck has done a bike design for Voxan, a French motorbike company, and this bike called Vx supernaked, the Vx stands for Voxan.
While, maybe for some motorbike lovers, especially those fans of 'typical' bike beauty, this bike might look ugly. This bike has shown the power of naked bike while exposing the sensuality of a minimalist contemporary design.
And which i think will bring a 'light' into autobike design industry and breath some new era into it.
i would like to get one of it


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